Applied Diploma in continued professional development course for speech and language therapy (APSLT)

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Mission Statement

The Clinical Psychology diploma endeavors to raise the standard of training for Clinical Psychologists in Pakistan to international levels.  by enhancing  the standing of Clinical Psychology as an independent professional discipline.  Thus meeting the growing needs and changing demands of the community at large with , and direct research towards developing an empirical knowledge diploma The philosopy  behind the diploma supports the Clinical Psychologist is a scientist and reflective practitioner who explores  each perspective and uses the most pertinent approach in a creative way to understand and solve human problems. The theoretical approach that is taught through this diploma is consistant with the hopes of clients achieving a  tranquil life that  is integrative and not biased towards any particular orientation. The trainees are viewed as adult learners and are encouraged to set their own learning goals, through the set out objectives and following the specialized skills which will be taught.

Objectives of the Programme

The main objective of the programme is to train clinical psychologists in the following ways which will enable them to:

  • Help acquire scientific knowledge and professional expertise in dealing with a full range of psychological problems and psychiatric disorders commonly found in children, adults, special groups as well as those normally living in the community.
  • Take on, manage and help individual and group cases and provide appropriate clinical assessment and therapy.
  • Develop and maintain a professional attitude towards colleagues, students and staff promoting dignity, loyalty, commitment and through subscribing to a professional code of ethics.
  • Raise the standard of training to international levels.

Course Overview

PTP-Speech 101

CDP Course for speech therapy Level I

This course will cover:

  • Introduction to Speech and Language Therapy.
  • Scientific Aspects of Language and Speech.  
  • Communication Disorders.
  • Therapeutic Approaches. 
  • Oral Motor Therapy. 
  • Auditory Verbal Therapy. 
  • Traditional Articulation Therapy.
PTP-Speech 102

CDP Course for speech therapy Level II

This course will cover:

  • Language Acquisition and Literacy Development.
  • Other Speech and Language Disorders. 
  • Therapeutic Approaches 
  • Oral Placement Therapy
  • Management of Fluency disorder 
  • Swallowing Therapy



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