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The Bachelor of Arts degree in Arabic Language Studies [ BA(ALS) ] has been formulated to provide non-native speakers of Arabic with a firm foundation in Arabic.

The programme adopts a second-language teaching approach and is offered from applied linguistic perspectives. The programme is also informed and underpinned by principles of understanding Arabic from an Islamic perspective (sociocultural and religious aspects), owing to the close relation between Islamic sciences and the Arabic language.

The BA (ALS) is ideal for students wanting to gain functional, communicative (second language) competency in Arabic.

The BA (ALS) programme is based on world-renowned texts and curricula approaches of leading international universities in Saudi Arabia and Egypt, acknowledged for their innovative approaches to second language acquisition via an integrated and incorporated study of selected religious texts.

Upon completion of the programme, the student will be awarded the Bachelor of Arts degree in Arabic Language Studies.

Career paths for graduates of this programme include: Arabic language teacher (when combined with a relevant teaching qualification), writer, and interpreter and translator (entry level).


Upon completion of the programme, students should be able to

PLO1   demonstrate developed higher and Islamic education literacies

PLO2   listen, speak, read and write in Modern Standard Arabic

PLO3   demonstrate near-native competency in conversational Arabic

PLO4   demonstrate second language competency in Arabic text comprehension

PLO5   demonstrate advanced levels of application of Arabic grammar

PLO6   comprehend, interpret and translate selected Arabic Islamic texts



The BA in Arabic Language Studies programme aligns with the vision and mission of IOU by:

  • providing facilitated access to quality higher education to all students around the world, particularly in the field of Arabic linguistics,
  • promoting the Islamic values of peace, harmony and tolerance, embedded in the curriculum, pedagogical practices and teaching approaches of this programme,
  • contributing to the establishment and strengthening of knowledge-based communities globally through the teaching and learning activities of the programme, and
  • committing to creating diverse, scholarly communities, where students are encouraged to engage in intellectual rigor, high ethical standards and critical evaluation

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