Semester Registration Fees

Studying with the International Open University is affordable and manageable. With just one modest registration fee per semester based on the standard of living in the student’s country of residence, IOU has made authentic knowledge accessible to all.

Mode of Payment

Online payment facilities (PayPal and PayTabs), local bank transfer (selective countries, for details see here) and international transfer facility are all available to ease the payment procedure for all the students.


Fees should be paid in US dollars to our IOU account based in Malaysia. Please note that we should receive the due amount in full. Therefore, if you make a payment via international bank wire, you must also pay the currency transfer charges after confirming the exact amount with your bank, so that we receive the full amount due. For example, a student who should pay $150 US might have to add additional currency transfer charge of approximately $20 US so that we receive the full amount.

Payment Details and Procedures

Payments should not be made until all registration procedures are complete and you have been instructed to pay by the Registrar’s Office. The payment details for all countries can be found here.

Return Policy

Please note that the semester registration fees paid to the International Open University are neither refundable nor transferable under any circumstances.


If a student has not enrolled in at least one course after making the payment, the fees for one semester will be transferred to the next semester for the same student.
If a student has paid the semester registration fees in advance and has to pay for other services like credit transfer or late drop charges then this advance payment can be used to cover those charges. Student’s fees cannot be transferred to another student under any circumstances.