Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the minimum and maximum periods in which the YDCP program may be completed?

YDCP is a two year associate’s degree program (5 courses in each semester full load). Through this program, students are able to complete up to 60 credit hours (20 courses) at International Open University (IOU).  This program may be completed in a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 4 years ( 8 semesters). Students can take between one to five courses per semester, but the entire program has to be completed within a maximum of four years.


What if one fails to complete the curriculum in the maximum assigned duration?

The maximum duration allowed for completing the accredited YDCP program is 4 years.

If a student exceeds the allotted time duration without completing the required number of courses, then he/she will need to repeat their oldest courses on case to case basis. So, in case if one enters in the 5th year of study he/she has to repeat their first and second semester courses. If one enters into his/ her 6th year; then third and fourth semester courses have to be retaken by the student, so on and so forth.


Is International Open University an accredited university?

International Open University is globally accredited. However, institutions may have a list of colleges and universities that they consider acceptable. So, it is recommended that you check with the institution where you might want to do further studies or seek employment.

For more information about accreditation click on the given link:


Where does the coursework take place?

The International Open University is an online educational institution. The entire program is taught online via internet. Anyone from any part of the world can join easily and benefit from it, Insha'Allah.


What if there is slow internet connection?

It is recommended that IOU students try to have a high speed internet connection. However, if a student does not have a high speed connection, he/she can download audio and video lectures which can be listened to or watched later as per the convenience of the student and the downloaded recordings may be watched multiple times without any restriction.


How do I take exams?

Module tests and midterm exams can be taken at home within the prescribed time. The final exams must be taken only in an IOU approved exam center. There are hundreds of designated IOU exam centers present across the globe. You may look for a center near you before the exams begin and register for it. If there is no IOU approved exam center nearby, you can suggest an exam center, and upon due verification we will approve it, even if you are the only student taking exams there, in sha Allah. Please read the exam center requirements by clicking on the link given below:


Is there any fee involved before the exams?

There is no fee for examinations. Students only need to pay a modest semester registration fee before enrolling into the semester. This depends on the country of residence of the student. Please click here to see the fees for your country. However, students will have to pay fees directly to the exam center, if the center administrator/manager requests it (usually the centers do not ask for any fees).


I want to join the YDCP program. Where do I begin?

The International Open University is an online educational institution. The entire program is taught online via internet. Anyone from any part of the world can join easily and benefit from it, Insha Allaah.

Admission is open throughout the year. If a student is admitted and enrollment is closed, he/she will be able to join via the early enrollment system.

The registration form is available here:

You will get a reply form the registrar regarding your admission confirmation and fee payment details in a few days, Insha Allaah.

For information regarding requirements, kindly visit

Before you begin the registration process, make sure you have the required scans (a scan of your HSC certificate and a recent color photograph) ready on your PC.


What does the enrollment process entail?

Upon the completion of the 3 registration steps, the payment of the fees included, you will receive an email with the enrollment instructions few days before the beginning of the semester during the regular enrolment period. If you have completed the registration before or after the regular enrolment period, you may enroll via the early enrollment system by visiting this link. Please note that you have only two attempts to enroll. Therefore, you should choose your courses carefully. Staff will be able to help you only if there is some genuine reason.


When will enrollment and classes begin?

The International Open University offers two terms each year.

Spring semester - March to July

Fall semester - September to January

The exact dates for the enrollment during the regular period, which is at the beginning of the semester, are announced on the site news before the semester begins. Those who want to enroll during the non-regular period can access the early enrollment system via this link.


What are the tuition fees?

Alhamdulillaah, all the courses offered are tuition free. There is only a modest semester registration fee per semester.

Please see here for further details.

Click here and select your county of residence to see the course fee

These are the only fees we charge per semester. The course is completely tuition free, and the course material is also provided free of cost. Additionally, there is an E-Library provided as a study aid for the students.

For new students: no matter when the semester is scheduled to start, once you complete the payment, you will be given access to all the course materials (audio, video and text).


Is there a separate fee for learning materials?

There is no fee charged for course materials, which consist of PDF files, flash videos and mp3 audios. The videos and audios are available for online streaming as well as for download. We also provide an e-library for our students free of charge. If a student wishes to purchase hard copies of the required texts, they may do so from external sources.


Is an English language certification like TOEFL or IELTS required?

No. English language certification is not a requirement to apply for the IOU degree program. However, you should be aware that English is the medium of instruction for the entire program.


What is the level of English required to join IOU YDCP?

The course content is explained very clearly with the help of lectures recorded by the instructors and recorded supplementary sessions conducted by the tutorial assistants. You can contact the teacher if you have any questions about course content. Although the courses are simplified as much as possible, it is preferable that you first register for a free diploma course and try to complete at least one diploma course. If you are able to understand the lectures and texts of the free diploma course, then you should be able to study in the YDCP program with no difficulty inshAllah.


Please note that If you realize later that you are not able to understand course content and need to withdraw from the program, there will be no refund. We, therefore, request that you pay only after careful consideration.


If my transcripts are not in English, will you still accept them?

In order to make the process easy for the students, IOU has translators available who will translate your documents (for some languages). Please check with us to see if we have a translator for the language your certificate is in. If we do not have translation services available for your language, your non-English high school transcripts and certificate must be fully translated into English and notarized by a notary. You must submit the original transcript along with the translated copy. A copy of the translated notarized copy should be uploaded during the online registration process.


What is the minimum required qualification to apply for YDCP?

The minimum requirements are as follows:

  • Must be studying in an accredited public/private high school or being home schooled (recognized by the U.S.) in the United States/ in other parts of the world (in this case the school / homeschooling has to be recognized by the country’s ministry of education),
    • 15 years of age or older,
    • 10th grade completed or equivalent,
    • An overall average grade B,
    • Written approval of a parent/legal guardian.

It is important to note that the classes of the YDCP Programs are not designed to replace regular school classes.


What are the available streams for YDCP?

The available streams are Islamic Studies, Education, Business Administration, Psychology, Islamic Banking, Economics and Finance, and Information Technology. For further information, please visit:


Can a student who doesn't have the minimum required qualification join the IOU YDCP program?

No, the minimum requirements, which have been explained previously, are mandatory.


Can I do this course without taking exams?

No, it is mandatory to appear for the YDCP exams.


Is it possible for me to complete the course in less than two years? If it is possible, how many courses should I take each semester?

No, an accelerated plan for YDCP is not available.


I forgot my password, what should I do?

In order to reset your password, click on the 'forgotten password' button located just under the login fields. If your password reset was not successful and you are still unable to log in, email to Please do not create a new account; having multiple accounts with IOU is not allowed under any circumstance.

I forgot my login credentials and I cannot recall my IOU registered email ID, what should I do?

If you forgot your login details or are unable to access your old email account, kindly email to . Please do not create a new account; having multiple accounts with IOU is not allowed under any circumstance. ​


Can I take extra courses that are not part of the curriculum of my program?

No, extra courses, that are not part of the curriculum cannot be taken.

What will happen to the uncommon courses when I change my stream? Will my grades for such courses be recognised and mentioned in my final transcript?

Yes, if the student applies for internal credit transfer, then these uncommon courses will appear on the student's provisional and graduate transcript with the final course mark and noted as “Additional Courses Completed”. However, they do not count towards the degree, diploma or certificate graduation requirement.