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International Open University

5 March 2022
21 Kanifing Mosque Road, P.O. Box 2340, Kanifing South, KMC, The Gambia.

Congratulations Message from DVC – Academic

It is with great joy that we at the IOU celebrate the achievements of our graduating students and congratulate them on their success. I am very pleased to see that your hard work and dedication has brought you to this important milestone. I pray to Allah SwT to enhance your knowledge to benefit you, the IOU, and to enable you to use this knowledge for the benefit of humanity.

The uncertainty caused by the pandemic has changed the world in many ways and has brought out the best in our students. Our graduating students have shown that they are capable of adapting to changing circumstances, focusing on earning their academic degree and completing all requirements. This strength and determination to succeed in spite of difficulties is what makes this experience highly valuable and makes us full of hope for the future.

Today our world needs people who can not only learn and teach; we need people who can solve problems innovatively, who believe in cooperation and teamwork, people who have the motivation to succeed and to help others succeed. We hope that your education at IOU instills these values and skills which will build a solid foundation for your success in the future.

Graduation is not the end but a new beginning that has prepared our students to enter a world that needs their values and skills. We are grateful for the wisdom and support of the entire IOU faculty and staff as they have all played a role in helping our students to be here today.

As a graduating student of the IOU you are the university’s representatives in the world and your IOU family will always be here to pray for you and support you.