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International Open University

5 March 2022
21 Kanifing Mosque Road, P.O. Box 2340, Kanifing South, KMC, The Gambia.

Registrar’s Office (RO)

The Registrar’s Office of International Open University (IOU) supervises registration, confirms admissions, evaluates transfer of credits, maintains students’ academic records and records grades, resets the tests, provides exemptions, issues transcripts, verifies enrollment and graduation, issues diplomas, schedules midterm & final examinations in the exam centers, oversees registration & admission of new program launches and runs the University Secretariat activities. Graduation Office under the Registrar’s Office works as the primary point of contact for all graduation related services.

The entire team of IOU Registrar’s Office (RO) is committed to the vision and mission of IOU which is demonstrated through all the services provided by RO. It is the primary goal and objective of RO to provide essential administrative support to the students, staff and faculty in the most efficient and effective manner.

The strength of RO comes from its diverse team members hailing from different corners of the globe. From Asia to Africa, the team members bring in diversity and expertise to align with the goals of RO.

To access different services offered by the Registrar’s Office, visit the respective streams’ pages on IOU website and your campus dashboard.