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A Message to All Our IOU Exam Centers and Proctors.


The Islamic Online University exam centers and proctors play an integral role in fulfilling our mission of making high quality authentic Islamic and Islamized knowledge readily accessible to the world through the medium of the Internet et. As offline institutions, exam centers add the additional dimension of reliability and credibility to our graduate and undergraduate certification. For the administrative and examination purposes, the exam centers verify and confirm that those taking the IOU exams are in fact those who enrolled in the courses.


From the beginning of the term, students should work to identify a location/organization that would be suitable for examinations if there is no exam center in their proximity. There can be and are more than one exam center in a city or country. Centers should be reputable institutions, preferably schools, universities, colleges, etc. Valid photo ID must be presented to the authorities of the center. For further details, see the procedures below.


– IOU Exam center officer

Exam Center Requirments

Approved Exam Centers

Proctor Information

Final Exam Dates

Intensive Arabic program ( IAP 1st session):

  • 17/5/2018 – 21/5/2018 (normal period)
  • 23/5/2018 – 26/5/2018 (late period)

Intensive Arabic program ( IAP ) 2nd Session Final Exams:

  • 03/8/2018 – 07/8/2018 (normal period)
  • 10/8/2018 – 14/8/2018 (late period)

Other Streams:

  • 01/8/2018   – 07/8/2018 (normal period)
  • 10/8/2018 –   16/8/2018 (late period)

We kindly request that you let us know as soon as possible if you are unavailable during the above dates.

rnrnAs part of the IOU degree program’s graduation requirements, students are required to engage in voluntary community service to help the Muslim community in their area. These services may be imparted at a local Masjid, Muslim school, Muslim organization, institute, or charitable trust.rnrnThe aim of IOU is not only to acquire beneficial knowledge but also to put this knowledge to effective action. The mandatory community service requirement gives students an opportunity to analyze society critically, learnand reflect through meaningful tasks, and apply the knowledge acquired in IOU classrooms in a way that benefits the Ummah. This requirement is in line with our motto ‘Changing the Nation through Education.’rnrnTo simplify the community service hours requirement for students, IOU encourages them to contribute services in their own capacity to registered IOU exam centers in their area. This proves beneficial all round — to the centers, students and the university as they collaborate as a team working towards the betterment of the Ummah. Besides fulfilling the requirement of community service hours, a higher goal is achieved – earning rewards from Allah.rnrnStudents can participate in various activities at the center or introduce their own ideas and initiatives to bring positive changes, such as:rn
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  • Conducting Qur’an recitation classes for adults or children.
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  • Launching Tajweed/Arabic classes from scratch.
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  • Starting a class or conducting workshops based on the knowledge gained at IOU.
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  • Organizing a ‘Help the Needy’ campaign and donating essential items to the needy.
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  • Raising funds for the Islamic center/schools if needed by organizing fairs.
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  • Participating as volunteers in events/functions at the center.
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  • Cleaning mosques/schools/business offices /libraries.
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rnThe community service option at IOU exam centers is voluntary. Students may fulfill the community service requirements based on their own preference.

We would like to join the IOU as an exam center

rnPlease mail with a brief description of your institution and links to? your website ( if any ) or facebook etc.rn



Who and what is a proctor?

rnA proctor is a person who invigilates students during the exams and is appointed by the exam center itself.rn



Does the IOU send the passwords to the center/proctors and if so when?

rnYes, the IOU sends the instructions and password download link to all the exam centers and proctors in the week before the commencement of the final exams.rn



Are we allowed to share the password with students during exams?

rnCenters are strictly prohibited from sharing the passwords with students before,during or after the exams, and students are prohibited to request centers to reveal the passwords to them at any time.rn



We might not be available during a particular semester, what to do?

rnPlease inform the centers manager as soon as possible about your status of availability and your center will be deactivated for the semester and we will re enable your status when you become available again.rn



Will IOU accept us to act as a center even if we can only accommodate 1 student?