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Why should you learn Arabic?

‘Umar ibn Khattab said, “Learn the Arabic language. It will sharpen your wisdom.”

  1. Arabic is the official language of over 20 countries and a language with more than 422 million speakers in the Arab world. (UNESCO)
  2. It is the chosen language. Allah Ta’ala selected Arabic to be the language of Qur’an from amongst all the languages of the world. “Indeed, We have made it an Arabic Qur’an that you might understand.” (Qur’an, 43:3)
  3. Arabic is also used in our daily prayers, Friday sermons, du’as (supplications), etc.

Understanding the Qur’an, hadiths, and our prayers without the need for translation or interpretation is a great blessing. It will deepen your love and respect for Allah’s words. But it cannot be attained without taking the first step – learning Arabic.

The International Open University brings you our new INTENSIVE ARABIC PROGRAM. 

This is a two-year program, eight courses (two courses per semester), with a concentration on reading, writing, listening, and basic conversation skills.

This course is open to everyone, and while there are no admission prerequisites, those not fluent in reading the Arabic script are required to complete the Arabic 100 program before joining the Intensive Arabic course.

Course Overview

ARB 101Arabic Grammar INone
ARB 102Arabic Grammar IIARB 101
ARB 202Madina Syllabus Book 2ARB 102
ARB 301Madina Syllabus Book 3 Part 1ARB 202
ARB 302Madina Syllabus Book 3 Part 2ARB 301
ARB BMAIS 101Al-Ajroomiyah Part 1ARB 302
ARB BMAIS 102Al-Ajroomiyah Part 2ARB BMAIS 101
ARB BMAIS 201Al-Ajroomiyah Part 3ARB BMAIS 102

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