Student Referral Program

> Earn semester fee discounts when you help others enroll at IOU

Have you been looking to get some ease on your International Open University (IOU) semester fees? Then this offer is for you! Enjoy up to an entire semester free of fees for student referrals!

How it Works

If an IOU student introduces individuals from their family or network to one of the following program levels; Masters, Higher Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree, Associate Degree or Certificate and they enroll, the semester fees for the referring student will be discounted!


  • If one student is referred, then a 25% discount is offered.
  • If it’s two students, the discount offer is 50%.
  • 100% discount when you refer 3 students or more.

Terms and Conditions

  • A new student is someone who has newly registered, has paid their semester fee and enrolled in their courses.
  • If a referred student is from a lower fee tier and/or a different degree/certificate level from the referring student, a discount will be provided in a similar percentage, but it will be calculated based on the total fee collected from the referred student.
  • Students on partial or full scholarships are also eligible and can benefit from the same percentage discount or an equivalent cash reward respectively.
  • The referring student MUST claim the discount within the current or upcoming semester once the referred student has paid their semester fee, otherwise the offer will expire.

Please email for any enquiries and to claim the discount.

In order to expedite the referral tracking process, please have the referring student’s ID or email address mentioned when the referred student signs up on the IOU sign up page (as shown in the image below). This will verify the referral insha’ Allah and help us keep track of referrals per student.

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