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The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology explores the discipline of Information Technology (IT) and focuses on the application of computers and telecommunication systems to produce, manipulate, store, organize, retrieve, and transmit data. It includes the development, installation, management, and maintenance of hardware and software solutions across a variety of settings, including companies, universities, and other organizations.

In its broadest sense, IT encompasses all aspects of computing technology. Computing skills serve as the foundation of numerous professional careers across dynamic sectors, including technology, finance, business, health, and the games industry. Employers are increasingly seeking people with a broad range of skills that encompass management and leadership, as well as technical ability.

Students learn the underlying theory and the state-of-the-art methods for developing effective, efficient, and correct software systems. IT graduates take on the responsibility of selecting, developing, and installing computer hardware and software systems for an organization as well as customizing, implementing, managing, and maintaining these systems for users. The BSc IT program equips students with skills for Industry 4.0 and inherently promomtes necessary soft skills including effective communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity.

The BSc IT program embodies IOU’s pioneering vision of  providing quality ‘Islamized’ education. To this end, all IT courses are taught from an Islamic perspective. Moreover, four Islamic Studies courses are integrated into the curriculum aimed at cultivating authentic Islamic ethics and moral values in students. The integration helps to bridge the gap between modern and religous knowledge.

The qualification presents and builds on relevant theoretical and practical components of IT.
Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology.


The main aims of the BSc IT program are as follows:

  1. To equip students with skills and technical knowledge that enable them to take on appropriate professional positions in IT and grow into leading roles.
  2. To develop problem solving and critical thinking skills required to solve real world IT problems.
  3. To equip students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to develop, deploy and maintain large-scale IT infrastructures.
  4. To equip students with software analysis, design, development, management, and maintenance skills.
  5. To produce entrepreneurs of great character, competence, vision, and drive equipped with up-to-date knowledge, marketable skills, valuable competencies, unique expertise, globally compatible dispositions, and culturally and professionally acceptable values to take on appropriate professional roles in the IT domain or proceed to further or higher education or training.


Upon successful completion of their studies, the students will be able to:

  • PLO 1: Acquire, understand, and apply knowledge of computing and mathematics concepts to solve real-world problems.
  • PLO 2: Identify and analyze a problem based on user needs and take them into account in the selection, creation, evaluation and administration of computer-based systems.
  • PLO 3: Design, implement, integrate, and evaluate a computer-based system, process, component, or program to meet desired user and system needs.
  • PLO 4: Use the current techniques, skills, and tools necessary for computing practice and analyze the local and global impact of computing on individuals, organizations, and society.
  • PLO 5: To develop the abilities to write and speak critically and apply Islamic principles, ethics, and practices to the development and maintenance of computer-based systems.
  • PLO 6: Use and apply the latest technical concepts and practices in the core information technologies.


The expected IT graduate attributes include the following:

  • Technical understanding of IT
  • Problem solving skills
  • Appreciation of the interplay between theory and practice
  • Ability to think at multiple levels of detail and abstraction
  • Commitment to life-long learning
  • Commitment to professional responsibility
  • Communication and organizational skills
  • Awareness of the broad applicability of IT
  • Appreciation of the domain-specific knowledge



TINC101Introduction to Computing12
TPRF101Programming Fundamentals12
TCAG101Calculus and Analytical Geometry12
ENES101English Language Studies12
ISGS101Islamic Studies 112
TOOP102Object Oriented Programming12
TDLD102Digital Logic Design12
TDIS102Discrete Structures12
TINS102Information Systems12
ISGS102Islamic Studies 212
TDSA201Data Structures and Algorithms12
TCCN201Computer Communication and Networks12
TISE201Introduction to Software Engineering12
TPAS201Probability and Statistics12
ISGS201Islamic Studies 312
TOPS202Operating Systems12
TIDS202Introduction to Database Systems12
TITP202Information Technology Project Management12
TIAP202Internet Architecture and Protocols12
ISGS202Islamic Studies 412
TMSD301Multimedia Systems and Design12
TWST301Web Systems and Technologies12
TADS301Advanced Database Systems12
TACP301Advanced Computer Programming12
TLNA301Linear Algebra 12
THCI302Human Computer Interaction12
TSNA302Systems and Network Administration12
TNES302Network Security12
TDAW302Data Warehousing12
TOOA302Object Oriented Analysis and Design12
TITC401IT Capstone Part I12
TSIA401System Integration and Architecture12
TMOC401Mobile Computing12
TEAD401E-Commerce Applications Development12
TDAM401Database Administration and Management12
TITC402IT Capstone Part II12
TCOC402Cloud Computing12
TMAD402Mobile Application Development12
TEAD402Enterprise Application Development12
TARI402Artificial Intelligence12

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