Qualification Rules

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Qualification Rules

  • Unless the Senate decides otherwise, candidates shall, in their first year of study, not register for any module other than those prescribed in the first year of study of their approved programs.
  • For the purpose of the above rule, a re-examination in a module shall not constitute a separate examination.
  • Candidates shall only be permitted to register for second year of study if they have passed 32 credits of the module prescribed in the first year of study.  Candidates who do not meet the promotion requirement above will only be allowed to re-register for the program if they have passed a minimum of 25 credits of the foundational module in their first year of study.
  • Candidates who have not completed all the foundational modules in the program after three (3) years of full-time study will not be allowed to re-register for the program.
  • Unless Senate decides otherwise:
  • The degree may be obtained by full-time or part-time study.
  • Candidates must comply with the minimum requirements for registration for modules in certain subjects.
  • No candidate shall obtain more than one degree concurrently whilst enrolled as a full-time student at IOU.
  • The degree shall be obtained by completing the modules prescribed by the Senate.
  • The degree shall be awarded cum laude if candidates comply with the requirements as stipulated in the General Prospectus.
  • For part-time study the programs are spread over a period of 8 years taking the lecture and examination timetable into account.

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