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Registration Dates

A student applying to enroll in the International Open University must go through the following stages.


Registration is open all year round. So Interested students may register immediately. Once a student completes and submits the online form, he or she is automatically registered with the IOU.


If the Registrar’s Office finds the student’s uploaded documents to be in order, admission will be granted and the student will be instructed to pay his or her semester fees.


Once the semester fees are paid, the student will either be enrolled in the current semester or in the following semester (via the Early Enrollment System) depending on when the fees were paid. All students enrolled in the current semester will have full access to the enrolled courses and course-drop option. Students enrolled via the Early Enrollment System will be able to access audio, videos, supplementary recorded sessions and syllabus files of the early enrollment subjects. They can begin studying on their own. Other students will gain full access to the course and course-drop option when the new semester begins. See the schedule below for the semester dates.

The IOU semesters commence and end on fixed times every year in shaa Allah.




Registration starts

First week of October

First week of April

Registration ends

Last day of March

Last day of September


Classes start

First week of March

First week of September

Classes and examinations end

Last week of July

Last week of January


Detailed breakdown of Early, Regular and Late Registration periods are as follows:




Early Registration Starts

Beginning of October

Beginning of April

Early Registration Ends

End of February

End of August

Regular Registration Starts

Beginning of March

Beginning of September

Regular Registration Ends

End of March

End of September



  • There is a six week period at the beginning of the semester in which students may add or drop courses without being penalized. Please check the Events Schedule in “My Home” on campus for further details.




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