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> Dean’s Honor List

Dean’s Honor List

The Dean of the International Open University recognizes the following students for their meritorious achievement from their respective programs of study:

Rank Student Country Percentage
1 Liya Maryam India 94.185
2 Haniya Areej Syed Nusrat Ullah United Arab Emirates 93.7333
3 Ridwanullah Lawal Nigeria 93.6533
4 Aymaan Mahnoor Hussain United Kingdom 93.5389
5 Nusrat Jahan Bangladesh 93.185
6 Reema Abdul Rauf India 92.895
7 Areeba Sohail Pakistan 92.8667
8 Sumaiya Ahamed Ali United States 92.8083
9 Lukman Awudu Ghana 92.5817
10 Abdul Samieh Deva India 92.0833
11 Nayab Mahnoor Hussain United Kingdom 91.4289
12 Saleh Khan India 91.2617
13 Mohammed Said Tanzania 91
14 Rayees Shamsuddin United States 90.49
15 Kaamil Abolaji Kalejaiye Nigeria 90.2417

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