BEd (English) BACHELOR of EDUCATION DEGREE with specialization in ENGLISH

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The IOU Bachelor of Education (BEd) with subject specialization streams provides students with a rich opportunity to gain an education and teaching qualification equivalent to brick-and-mortar university education degrees. 

The programme has been carefully formulated and developed to respond to national and global education needs and trends, and includes modules that provide a thorough foundation in education studies, specific subject knowledge and pedagogical studies, as well as teaching observation and practice opportunities. The degree includes applicable academic, linguistic and digital literacies incorporated into its module offerings that prepare students to succeed in their studies, and to be an educator or education expert in a technologically-evolving world.

The IOU BEd is ideal for students that are interested in becoming a formal school teacher in primary or secondary education schools, or working in school administrative, educational support or management areas. The programme prepares students for a future in education, with a curriculum that embraces critical thinking as well as provide opportunities for practical learning and training.

The degree has been benchmarked against leading universities in Africa and the United Kingdom, to ensure IOU students are afforded a contextually relevant education in accordance with international standards.

The IOU BEd also incorporates the study of Islamic teachings, in alignment with the vision and mission of the university, affording students opportunities to merge and gain religious perspectives on education – enabling pedagogical application of content Islamization.

The BEd is intended primarily as an initial professional qualification. However teachers with existing professional qualifications may use the final 240 credits of the BEd to upgrade their professional competence. The BEd provides access to further study at HEQF Level 7 or Honours.

Career paths for graduates of this programme include: school teacher in primary or secondary education, general educator and/or facilitator, school administrator, head teacher or school principal, or education specialist.


Upon completion of the programme, students would be able to

PLO1     Apply discipline knowledge of the theories and principles of education relevant to their work as a school teacher/administrator/principal, and/or education expert;

PLO2     Critically evaluate and synthesize pedagogical theory, research and practice to apply knowledge of the needs of students from diverse backgrounds and across the full range of abilities to enhance learning;

PLO3     Apply principles of Islamization of education as a pedagogical approach to education;

PLO4     Select, curate, use and create a range of digital resources and technologies to support learning and teaching, and communicate professionally with students, parents, colleagues and the community;

PLO5     Plan and deliver effective learning and teaching experiences in curriculum and assessment; and

PLO6     Teach subjects in accordance with chosen subject specialization on a primary and/or secondary level.


The BEd programme aligns with the vision and mission of IOU by:

  • providing facilitated access to quality higher education to all students around the world, particularly in the field of education and teaching,
  • promoting the Islamic values of peace, harmony and tolerance, embedded in the curriculum, pedagogical practices and teaching approaches of this programme,
  • contributing to the establishment and strengthening of knowledge-based communities globally through the teaching and learning activities of the programme, and
  • committing to creating diverse, scholarly communities, where students are encouraged to engage in intellectual rigor, high ethical standards and critical evaluation.


Course Overview

ESPE101Socio-Philosophy of Education  12
EEPS101Educational Psychology  12
EETI101Educational Technology and Innovation  12
ENES101English Language Studies  6
ISGS101Islamic Studies 1  6
LCEN101ENGLISH STREAM: Communicative English  6


EMEM102Educational Measurements and Evaluation 12
ECDE102Curriculum Design and Evaluation 12
EETI102Educational Technology and Innovation Laboratory 6
ESTM102Subject Teaching Methodologies and Literacies 6
TITC102Introduction to ComputersInstruction 6
ISGS102Islamic Studies 2 6
LFUE102ENGLISH STREAM: Fundamental English I 12
EECD201Early Childhood Education 12
EEPS201Education Psychology Laboratory 12
ISGS201Islamic Studies 3 12
LFUE201ENGLISH STREAM: Fundamental English 2 12
LFIC201ENGLISH STREAM: English Fiction 12
EPED202Population Education 12
EEAM202Educational Administration and Management 12
ISGS202Islamic Studies 4 12
LPRO202ENGLISH STREAM: English Prose 12
LPOE202ENGLISH STREAM: English Poetry 12
EPPE301Pre-Primary Education 12
ETIS301Teaching of Islamic Studies 12
ETEN301Teaching of English 12
LAML301ENGLISH STREAM: American Literature 12
LAFL301ENGLISH STREAM: African Literature 12
EELE302Elementary Education 12
EEDR302Educational Research 12
ENRM302Research Methodology 12
LHEL302ENGLISH STREAM: History of English Literature 12
LCWL302ENGLISH STREAM: Common Wealth Literature 12
EENE401Environmental Education 9
EPVE401Peace and Value Education 9
ETTP401Teaching Practice 1 18
LLIF401ENGLISH STREAM: Literary Forms 12
LFCL401ENGLISH STREAM: Fundamentals of Comparative Literature 12
EPHE402Physical and Health Education


ESNE402Special Needs Education 9
ETTP402Teaching Practice 2 18
EERT402Educational Research Treatise 24

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