BEd (English) BACHELOR of EDUCATION DEGREE with specialization in ENGLISH

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ESPE101Socio-Philosophy of Education  12
EEPS101Educational Psychology  12
EETI101Educational Technology and Innovation  12
ENES101English Language Studies  6
ISGS101Islamic Studies 1  6
LCEN101ENGLISH STREAM: Communicative English  6


EMEM102Educational Measurements and Evaluation 12
ECDE102Curriculum Design and Evaluation 12
EETI102Educational Technology and Innovation Laboratory 6
ESTM102Subject Teaching Methodologies and Literacies 6
TITC102Introduction to ComputersInstruction 6
ISGS102Islamic Studies 2 6
LFUE102ENGLISH STREAM: Fundamental English I 12
EECD201Early Childhood Education 12
EEPS201Education Psychology Laboratory 12
ISGS201Islamic Studies 3 12
LFUE201ENGLISH STREAM: Fundamental English 2 12
LFIC201ENGLISH STREAM: English Fiction 12
EPED202Population Education 12
EEAM202Educational Administration and Management 12
ISGS202Islamic Studies 4 12
LPRO202ENGLISH STREAM: English Prose 12
LPOE202ENGLISH STREAM: English Poetry 12
EPPE301Pre-Primary Education 12
ETIS301Teaching of Islamic Studies 12
ETEN301Teaching of English 12
LAML301ENGLISH STREAM: American Literature 12
LAFL301ENGLISH STREAM: African Literature 12
EELE302Elementary Education 12
EEDR302Educational Research 12
ENRM302Research Methodology 12
LHEL302ENGLISH STREAM: History of English Literature 12
LCWL302ENGLISH STREAM: Common Wealth Literature 12
EENE401Environmental Education 9
EPVE401Peace and Value Education 9
ETTP401Teaching Practice 1 18
LLIF401ENGLISH STREAM: Literary Forms 12
LFCL401ENGLISH STREAM: Fundamentals of Comparative Literature 12
EPHE402Physical and Health Education


ESNE402Special Needs Education 9
ETTP402Teaching Practice 2 18
EERT402Educational Research Treatise 24

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