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> Corporate Relationship Program - Bringing Students and Employers Together

Corporate Relationship Program – Bringing Students and Employers Together

The International Labour Organisation has projected global unemployment to be 207 million in 2022. This is an alarming approximation of 21 million more compared to 2019! The total hours worked in 2022 have been estimated to be almost 2% below their pre-pandemic level, suggesting a deficit of 52 million full-time equivalent jobs. With little or no work experience, this could mean that newly qualified individuals will face the brunt of unemployment as soon as they step out into the corporate world.

The International Open University has long recognized the importance of solving the problem that many of our students and alumni face – how do you land a job when you are newly qualified, but have no practical experience? It’s the catch-22 for every new graduate, no matter their age.

As a result, we are pleased to announce the official opening of our Corporate Relationship Program (CRP). The program is one of its kind – connecting students and alumni with corporate professionals to enhance their skill set, make them employable, and bridge the gap between them and potential employers.

What is CRP?

Four years in the making, CRP is an initiative that bridges the gap between employers that need staff, and students who need to get jobs with little or no experience. We realise that our students are our best products. CRP is a way to showcase their talent to corporations looking for interns and future employers. Our program acts as a medium to help offer placement and internships to our students in their specialisation at the degree level.

Key Features of  CRP

  • Takes IOU to corporates
  • Helps students and alumni with career planning
  • Showcase talents and make students employable
  • Organising skill development sessions through intensive case studies
  • Holistic development of the student

Benefits to Students and Alumni

CRP is much more than an internship or placement program. It helps you build practical skills that make you employable in any part of the world. Here is a list of some of the benefits CRP offers:

  • Personal brand building
  • Building practical people and soft skills
  • Kickstarting your career
  • Providing internships and placements
  • Career planning advice from experts
  • Organizing student skill development sessions through intensive case studies, career counselling, CV development, and communication skills.

Benefits to Employers

If you are an employer looking to connect with talent that brims with potential and passion, here is your chance to find it.

  • Find the right talent for internships and placements.
  • Opportunities to groom students before the hiring process.
  • Connect with new talent from different parts of the world.

Corporate Connect Sessions

Through exclusive Corporate Connect sessions, students can interact with domain experts and industry professionals from different parts of the world to enhance their corporate knowledge, develop practical skills, get expert career advice, and much more.

Skills Development Sessions

CRP (Corporate Relationship Program) is focused on developing skills of our students and making them industry-fit and ready to take on the professional world. In pursuance of this, Skills Development Sessions are organised on a variety of topics focused on nurturing both technical and non-technical skills.

Some of our Skills Development Sessions held in the past include: Integrating Islam into Curriculum, Professional Writing (at workplace), CV drafting to name a few.

Success Stories

  • 1

    Kainaat Khan

    Learning Consultant - Online Islamic Tuition

  • 2

    Noor Aysha

    Learning Consultant - Online Islamic Tuition

  • 3

    Heeba Shah

    Learning Consultant - Online Islamic Tuition

  • 4

    Halimat ul Irshana

    Learning Consultant - Online Islamic Tuition

  • 5

    Nusaiba Abdul Rahman Al Quthmi

    Learning Consultant - Online Islamic Tuition

  • 1

    Adeel Ahmed

    Marketing Intern - Solace

  • 2

    Yusuff Ademola Adesina

    Admin Intern - Solace

  • 3

    Orsolya Oszter

    Psychology Intern -Solace

  • 4

    Aymaan Hussain

    Copywriter - Learning Roots, UK

  • 5

    Tabassum Mosleh

    Writer - Learning Roots, UK

  • 6

    Zubaidah Nasreen Shahul

    Business Development Intern (India) - Learning Roots, UK

  • 7

    Rasheedah Agbaje

    Business Development Intern (Nigeria) - Learning Roots, UK

  • 8

    Bibi Farah Ali

    Brand Strategist – Veiledpreneurs, UAE

  • 9

    Mariam Rafi

    Content Writer – Veiledpreneurs, UAE

  • 10

    Aisha Sharif

    Educational Content Creator – Veiledpreneurs, UAE


  • Musaffa
  • Learning Roots, UK
  • Online Islamic Tuition, India
  • Faith Consulting, Canada
  • Solace
  • IT Expert Consultancy SDN BHD, Malaysia
  • Veiledpreneurs, UAE
  • Abira Consulting, UAE

Students speak

Adeel Ahmed Munsha Khan (Internee with Solace)

This is my first experience with professionals and I learned a lot from the Solace team. I’ve so enjoyed working with Solace during my time here. It’s been a true pleasure getting to know you better!

Adesina Yusuff Ademola (internee with Solace)

Thank you for giving me an additional opportunity to add to my experience so far. Alhamdulillah. It’s been worthwhile, and I appreciate it

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