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Writing Theses and Academic Articles

“Writing Theses and Academic Articles” is directed to graduate students and young academics who are willing to make a contribution to the scientific community.

The book is both a practical guide for structuring and editing academic material and a reflection from the authors about the situation of Muslim scholarship.

While for much of its history, Islam has been at the forefront of knowledge, nowadays, social, economic and political circumstances seem to hinder many young Muslims from achieving academic excellence. The authors hope that this book will be the first step, theoretically and practically, for helping in the renaissance of Muslim scholarship.

Risky Paths to Success

Hopes of a brighter future, better opportunities and financial freedom are just a few of the empty promises that human traffickers make to lure trusting Gambian youths into abandoning their families and their homelands.

The reality is that a treacherous journey awaits youths that are duped into risking their lives for nothing more than broken promises and blatant fabrications. The book “Risky Path to Success” is an eye-opening read that is a no-holds barred depiction of what really happens to youths who are preyed upon by human traffickers and become trapped in a merciless cycle of exploitation.

Most importantly, it provides sensible life lessons to inspire youths to become successful on their own merits, in their own country and without falling victim to traffickers who only care about their bottom line – money




We live in an over-sexualised culture where sex and sexuality have become part of the public domain. This sexual revolution challenges Judeo-Christian and Islamic norms and boundaries. As such, sexuality education is a sensitive and extremely important issue, and its current implementation in schools has raised public concerns. This book explores the subject, contextualising it within the matrix of Islamic beliefs and practices. Islam binds sexuality and sexual education to a moral grid with rights and obligations, justice and equity. There is a dominant discourse and stereotype around ‘Islamic sexuality’, which presents sex and sexuality as the biggest taboo, fraught with fear and seldom discussed. This book dispels such myths and misconceptions, providing an overview of sexuality education in the modern world and the need for such education.

Productivity Principles Of ʿUmar II

Create a future based on magnificent change, inner connectedness and immense clarity of purpose

Productivity Principles Of ʿUmar II is a powerful book for serious individuals who want to Show Up, Take Responsibility for their lives and Take Action in attaining the Best and most Productive version of their true selves.

‘Time is money’, as the saying goes. With limited time on this planet, ‘how’ we use this most valuable currency of time is what truly differentiates success from failure – regardless of what we do.

This book unveils 15 powerful Productivity principles and lessons derived from the life of ʿUmar bin ʿAbd al-ʿAzīz (Arabic: عمر بن عبد العزيز‎) commonly known as ʿUmar II, the 8th Umayyad Caliph.

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Getting the Barakah – 2nd Ed (EBook)

Getting the Barakah was designed to help Muslims tap deep into their souls and unlock their potential. Filled with tips, tools and resources for improving your time management skills, this book has helped thousands of readers become more productive.

In this book you will learn how to prioritize, avoid distraction, manage your time, find the best time for each task, gain barakah in time, and more.

The Book of Hope for Sinners (EBook)

Every human fall into sin at some point in their life or another.

It is during these moments of weakness that that a person may feel hopeless and despondent.

But God is Most Forgiving and Most Merciful. Islam teaches that God forgives any sin that a person repents from.

This book is a collection of Quranic verses and narrations from Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) which aim to inspire hope and transformation in the hearts of the believers.

Every human fall into sin, but there is always a way back. This book will show you how.

Who is this book for?
  • For every believer who wants to get closer to God
  • For every believer who struggles with sinful habits
  • For every believer who wants to experience a higher level of hope, love and gratitude to God
What will I get from this book?
  • Increased love of God
  • The ability to continue growing spirituality, despite sinful habits
  • A hopeful positive understanding of Islam
  • A deep appreciation for God’s Mercy and Love
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Best of Creation

One day, you will look back at your life with a feeling of satisfaction and happiness. You will be grateful for all the amazing things you achieved. You will be a model of confidence and achievement.

On that day, you will look back and reflect on the day that changed everything for you: the day you started reading Best of Creation: An Islamic Guide to Self-Confidence.

Best of Creation was written for you, by someone like you, who had low self-confidence, then discovered the Islamic formula for improving it.

Through this e-book, you will:
  • Gain practical steps and tips for boosting your confidence
  • Gain the necessary confidence to pursue your life goals
  • Understand the role of Tawheed, Tawakul, and Sabr in boosting confidence
  • Learn the difference between confidence and arrogance
  • Overcome myths and misconceptions about confidence
  • Understand the causes of low self-confidence
  • Learn how to overcome fears, embrace mistakes, and step out of your comfort zone
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