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The International Open University Open Education Program (OEP) is specially characterized by the university’s aim to cater to the individual needs of students from all across the globe that do not have a high school diploma or any provable education qualification, yet wish to study and grow in their learning. The OEP opens its doors wide to accommodate all individuals who are enthusiastic about learning and gaining knowledge.

For administrative purposes, students applying for the OEP are required to upload their scanned photo ID (passport / national ID card) and a passport size photo to begin their journey of university level courses. The basic difference of studying the same undergraduate programs at IOU as a mainstream degree student and as a student in the Open Education Program is that the credits earned do not carry the equivalent of the university credits nor count toward the admission requirement of any of the accredited degree, Associate Degree, higher diploma or certificate program at the IOU.

The study materials, curriculum and classes of the regular undergraduate and graduate programs, and of the Open Education Program are completely identical. While the students share the same classes, discussion forums and recorded supplementary sessions conducted by the faculty members, it is not possible to identify who is enrolled under which program; hence, there is no discrimination between students enrolled through the mainstream programs and those of the OEP.

The same marking system and fee structure are applicable for the IOU OEP as well. The students must attend all the classes and sit for the exams as per the required curricula of the programs.

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