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Audit Courses

The International Open University (IOU) offers Audit Courses as part of its Open Education Program (OEP), which are courses designed for those who primarily want to acquire the knowledge provided in the programs and do not wish to take exams or submit assignments, though they can still do so.

Key Highlights of the Audit Courses

  • Audit Courses are not accredited and a Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to the student upon completion of the course
  • The duration and fee of the semester are the same as for an undergraduate or a graduate degree.


For administrative purposes, Audit Course students are only required to upload their scanned photo ID (e.g. passport, national ID) and a passport-size photo for admission.

Applying to International Open University

The current program is presently not available.
We are in the process of improving this program and will open the admissions once it has been finalized.

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