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Undergraduate Thesis

In order to obtain a BA, BEd, BBA or BSc degree, a student needs to complete an undergraduate degree thesis and obtain minimum passing score of 50%.


Definition of Thesis

An undergraduate thesis is an original, independent research project undertaken by the student with the guidance of a faculty supervisor that culminates in an appropriately researched and structured research paper. The thesis will demonstrate a student’s research competencies, from conception to producing the final output – presentation of a research proposal, managing the research project, conducting a literature review, performing data collection, analysis and presentation.


The Benefits of Writing a Thesis

This opportunity to do thesis offers students formal opportunities to enhance their research skills and experience. Besides providing a unique chance to work individually with a faculty member on an original research project, the completion of an undergraduate thesis is an important first step for students contemplating graduate school. The benefits of doing this thesis are as follows-

  • Satisfy students’ intellectual curiosity
  • Develop an ability to ask critical questions
  • Acquire the investigative instincts needed to find answers
  • Have the skill to navigate libraries, archives, databases, and other resource avenues
  • Sharpen students’ argumentation skills
  • Organize a lengthy piece of writing
  • Work closely with faculty members (i.e. a thesis supervisor)
  • Explore other fields of profession

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