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Proctor Information

Mid term exams from revised streams only and Final exams from all streams must be completed under proctored conditions at IOU approved exam centers to ensure academic integrity.

What does a proctor do?

Proctors are individuals who agree to supervise and ensure the integrity of IOU online exams.

Proctors have the responsibility of ensuring integrity during online testing situations. This is a great responsibility and ensures IOU’s academic integrity. All final exams must be done at IOU approved exam centers, require a proctor and NO exceptions will be made for any student.


The Exam

The exam can only be completed under proctored conditions. The proctor must be present for the entire duration of the online exams. Any exams accessed outside the presence of a proctor, will be considered to be invalid. All proctors are given information on our policies, procedures and instructions for administering online exams.


Who can be a proctor?

A Muslim –

  • Imaam
  • Employee of the IOU approved exam center
  • Known and trustworthy member of the IOU approved exam center
  • Professional academic or guidance counselor
  • School teacher
  • College instructor
  • School superintendent, principal or vice principal
  • School or public librarian
  • Education professional
  • Professional Counselor
  • Human Resource Manager


Policies and Procedures

  • Proctors must be present during the entire duration of all online exams.
  • Proctors must verify the identity of the student with a photo ID before they begin the exam.
  • Proctors must verify that the student is on the list (of students registered at their center) sent by IOU
  • The student must remain under the supervision of the proctor for the entire duration of the exam. If the student is uncomfortable with the proctoring situation (e.g. the setting is one-on-one with the proctor), a parent, friend, or chaperon may be present, along with the proctor, so long as the student does not interact with that person at all during the exam. Talking to ANYONE once the exam is opened is considered cheating and is grounds for receiving a failing grade for the course.
  • The exam must not be accessed until the student is ready to take it, and the exam should never be accessed except when they are taking it.
  • Students cannot take the exam with books, notes, or reference aids, nor are any other windows allowed to be opened, (NOTE: We allow Dictionaries – hard copy and digital ) Students cannot take notes on the exam or have any part of it to study after taking it. The student or the proctor cannot duplicate the exam in any way. The proctor must ensure that students do not access any materials either from hard copies or soft copy via their own laptop or through email, etc.

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