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Open Education Program Graduation Requirement: Intensive Arabic Program (IAP)


A student will be awarded an Intensive Arabic Program certificate at the Islamic Online University once the university and academic requirements, and the standards of performance of the program are met.

The Islamic Online University Intensive Arabic Program (IAP) courses consist of recorded lectures by course instructors and recorded supplementary sessions by faculty members.

Intensive Arabic Program (IAP) Course Requirement

To obtain an Intensive Arabic Program (IAP) certificate, a student needs to complete a total of 8 Arabic courses

The required curriculum of the program may be found in the below link.

Program Name

Course List

Intensive Arabic Program (IAP)

Intensive Arabic Program (IAP) Course List

2-year Intensive Arabic Program Community Service Hours Requirement

To obtain a 2-year IAP Certificate, a student needs to complete a total of 72 hours of community service.

The minimum requirement for a student to successfully complete each course is 60% mark, which must include the final exam score. No course is considered complete without the final exam at an IOU approved center where the identity of the student can be confirmed by verifying his/her photo identity card.

  • Clearance from the IOU Payments Department

The graduation requirement for all categories of the Open Education Program (OEP) include receiving “No Dues” clearance email from the IOU Payments Department.

The following list includes some of the university dues requiring clearance:

      • Semester registration fee
      • Course drop fee
      • Grade transfer fee
      • Internal credit transfer fee
      • Late examination center registration fee
      • Stream transfer fee
      • Provisional transcript (hard copy) fee
      • Provisional transcript (e-copy) fee

Any outstanding balance with IOU, i.e. dues, must be cleared prior to the graduation.

All students are required to pay a flat certificate processing fees of $100 USD, whether registered full-time or part-time, upon completion of the program prior to the graduation.

The fees cover attestation of the IOU OEP certificate and the postal charges.

Dual Program students must meet all of the following graduation criteria individually for each of the enrolled programs.

  • Course / credit requirement for all undergraduate and OEP courses
  • Community service hours requirement for the BA / BSc / BEd, 2-year Diploma program and Open Education Program
  • Score requirement for all undergraduate and OEP courses
  • Arabic requirement for the BA in Islamic Studies students
  • Thesis requirement for all BA / BSc / BEd students
  • Clearance from the Admissions Office and the IOU Payments Department
  • Payment of graduation fees


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