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> IOU way of e-learning

The IOU Way of E-Learning:

Comprised of students from around the globe, the student body will learn through watching and listening to video and audio lectures as well as reading PDF format texts with the support of well-trained tutorial assistants. Within the online study communities, students may share resources, exchange ideas, discuss weekly topics, submit assignments, and take exams.

IOU courses take place over a 5-month term. Each term has a midterm and a final exam as well as written assignments.

The learning week starts on Thursday at 00:05 am Qatar Time and ends the following Wednesday at 23:55. Weekly study units will be released at the beginning of each learning week and late students will have access to previously released units.

Please note: All reference to time in the study process and schedule is according to International Open University Time – (Qatar Time)

The student community will be divided into subgroups, or classes, of a maximum of 400 students who all participate in the same online course. Students are encouraged to actively participate in the various supervised IOU student forums by posting questions, responding to questions posted by other students, or by commenting on discussion questions from the readings or recorded or live lessons.

The Course Material consists of
  1. Course text in PDF. The basic text(s) used for teaching the course will be provided as downloadable, printable PDF files. Supplementary reading texts will also be identified for the students. However, this will not be currently provided as soft copies.We do plan to have in the future an exclusive library of PDF books for our students to use as supplementary reading.
  2. Course details in PDF which includes syllabus, name of the instructor of the course and details of the tutorial assistant assigned to the course
  3. Recorded sessions (Video and Audio) of actual classes taught on that subject. We recommend that the students watch the video at least once so as to geta near classroom experience. The audios are extracted from the same videos and are provided primarily to cater to those who have poor internet connections or to those who wish to make mp3 copies and listen at their leisure.
  4. Weekly live sessions will be conducted according to the schedule provided.
Study Path of each Course
  1. Each Course consists of 20-30 Recorded Sessions. Video and audio recordings of these will be available to the students.
  2. The student first watches or listens and reads the study material of Module 1.
  3. Having thoroughly studied Module 1, he or she then proceeds to the Module 1 Test. The tests follow a multiple choice format.Test scores will be available immediately after the test attempt.
  4. After completing the Module 1 Test, the student proceeds to Module 2 and follows the same procedure as for Module 1 till the end of the course.
  5. Students should attend the weekly or bi-weekly live sessions to get one-on-one clarification about what they have studied from the recorded sessions and their texts of the preceding days.
  6. Students are required to submit research papers in response to their critical thinking assignments to round off the assessment of their understanding and their ability to express themselves.
Demo Credentials

You can try logging in to the IOU online campus using the below link and credentials
username: demouser
password: demouser