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Student Responsibilities

Students are expected to devote at least four hours of study per week per subject.
Students should read course materials, listen to the lecture, take the module test, and complete the course assignment.

  1. Students should behave respectfully at all times. If a student is disrespectful to the faculty, to another student, or to the staff at the test center, he or she will be removed from the class and may be dismissed from the university, depending on the severity of the disruption.
  2. All students should fully participate in the online forums.
  3. All assignments should be handed in on time. They should be handed in before or at the time of exams. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, students cannot turn in an assignment on time, they need to get permission from the faculty for late submission. If a student misses an exam without informing the administration before exam week, he/she will receive a ‘failure’. It is the student’s responsibility, not the instructor’s or the faculty member’s, to attempt to make up and complete the exam within the late mid-term period.
  4. Students of the International Open University (IOU) should pledge that all tests taken by them and that all work turned in by them are original and are solely the result of their own efforts. Any form of academic dishonesty, including cheating and plagiarism, will be recorded in the student’s permanent file. Breaches of academic integrity will be dealt with severely, as per the IOU’s policy. After the first instance of a breach of academic integrity, the student will receive a failing grade IN ALL CLASSES FOR WHICH HE/SHE IS CURRENTLY ENROLLED. After the second instance, the student will be expelled permanently from the university.
  5. Note: Cheating is defined as using others’ planning or drafting to generate an essay, copying any part of another person’s homework, or collaborating on assignments that are meant to be individual efforts. Unless otherwise indicated, all assignments should be completed individually.