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IOU's First Online Conference: Solace 2015

Solace 2015


IOU’s first ever online conference on psychological wellbeing is scheduled to air from May 29 to 31, 2015, 4 PM - 10 PM Qatar time. This completely free 3-day spectacular conference is packed with interesting hot topics that affect our everyday lives. The IOU has put together an amazing team of scholars, life-coaches and professionals to make this a one of a kind breathtaking online experience, which, in sha Allah, will have a positive impact on your lives.  

On the first day, May 29, come and join Sr. Hannah Morris, Sr. Haleh Banani, Sr. Ameera Aidrus and Sr. Soha Rajeev. They have prepared engaging topics such as Increasing Self-esteem or Dealing with Disasters and Discrimination Faced by Muslims today.

May 30, the second day of the conference, is all about relationships and support. So join Sr. Kashmala for her counseling lessons, Imam Hassan for his talk on domestic abuse and others for their fascinating insights ready to be absorbed by the listeners. 

The conference will be concluded on the last day, May 31, by series of captivating lectures addressing our youth, men and spouses lead by specialists in the field of counseling and psychology such as Br. Tahsin Floyd, Imam Rizwan Butt and others. 

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Links for the sessions are as follows:

DAY 1 (29th May):

1. Breaking the silence: Stop the Stigma - Sr. Hannah Morris

2. Increasing self-esteem - Sr. Haleh Banani 

3. Healthy & Unhealthy Relationships - Sr. Ameera Aidrus

4. Sexual abuse: Are we really safe? - Sr. Soha Rajeev

5. Dealing with disaster and discrimination faced by Muslims - Sr. Hannah Morris


DAY 2 (30th May):

1. Counselling lessons for our relationships - Sr. Kashmala

2.  Jinn possession or a mental disorder? - Dr. Hussein Rassool

3. Pregnancy and Depression - Sr. Bela Khan

4.  The silent violence in our community: Domestic abuse - Imam Hassan

5. Effects of trauma on children - Br. Fahad Khan


DAY 3 (31st May):

1. Dealing with Masturbation - Br. Tahsin Floyd

2. Brick by Brick: How to approach today’s youth - Imam Rizwan Butt

3. Conflict management in Marriage - Br. Usman Mughni

4. Mindfulness Meditation: The Role of Prayer in Mental Health - Br Rizwan Butt

5. Psychiatrist, Counsellor or Imam? - Br. Fahad Khan

DISCLAIMER: The qualified scholars, life-coaches and professionals at the IOU events are of various ethnic backgrounds and come from different parts of the world. What they all have in common is their love for knowledge, and the desire to spread the authentic and beneficial knowledge. All of them strive very hard to present their presentations in the most effective manner for the benefit of the students and general public.

The views expressed in presentations made for the IOU meetings, webinars or other IOU events are those of the speaker and not, necessarily, of the IOU. Presentations or the presence of speakers at the IOU events do not constitute an endorsement of the speaker or the speaker's views by the University.