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IOU Initiates 4 ICIFE Country Chapters

Islamic Online University (IOU) has recently received from the ICIFE (International Council of Islamic Finance Educators) country chapter certificates for four countries: India, Gambia, Sierra Leone, and Somaliland
The award ceremony was held at the Institute of Islamic Banking and Finance (IIiBF) in Gombak, Selangor, Malaysia on 27 April, 2016. The certificates were presented by the Dean of IIiBF, Prof. Dr. Khaliq Ahmad, and received by IOU's Malaysia representative, Abang Sufri Mahmud. The ceremony was also attended by the ambassador of Libya, Dr Anwar A. Y. Elfeitori.

ICIFE is the first organization of its kind in Malaysia and perhaps across the Islamic world, specializing as the “Global Body for Professional Certification and Accreditation for Islamic Finance Education”. The main objective of ICIFE is to increase and maintain the professionalism of educators in the field of Islamic Finance at the national and international level. The Islamic Online University became an institutional member of ICIFE last year. The B.Sc. in Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance degree of IOU is accredited by ICIFE as well.