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Islamic Online University in collaboration with Sr. Umm Zakiyya offers a webinar Islamic Fiction: A Powerful Tool in the Modern Times where we will talk about various aspects of Islamic Fiction ranging from explaining what Islamic Fiction means to how to use it for da'wah and educational puposes.

Date & Time: Sunday, 14th August  at 7:00 PM Qatar Time

To register for this webinar, click here.

DISCLAIMER: The qualified scholars, life-coaches and professionals at the IOU events are of various ethnic backgrounds and come from different parts of the world. What they all have in common is their love for knowledge, and the desire to spread the authentic and beneficial knowledge. All of them strive very hard to present their presentations in the most effective manner for the benefit of the students and general public.

The views expressed in presentations made for the IOU meetings, webinars or other IOU events are those of the speaker and not, necessarily, of the IOU. Presentations or the presence of speakers at the IOU events do not constitute an endorsement of the speaker or the speaker's views by the University.