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Br. Ishmael Ntenje (Registrar of IOU Malawi campus) attended the Malawi Education Conference at Chancellor College in Zomba, Malawi. 

Education gurus from across the globe gathered at Chancellor College in Zomba to discuss and share notes on issues that affect the education sector and how education can be improved. The conference, which was held under the theme “The Role of Education Foundation Studies in Building Sustainable Education Systems and Development”, ran for 3 days from 25th to 27th July, 2016. 

The Conference was officially opened at 8:30 am by the Principal of Chancellor College. In his speech, he generally called upon the stakeholders that were attending the educational gathering to brainstorm and have fruitful discussion that shall help the shape the face of education in the country and beyond the borders. 

Overview of the topics presented and discussed by different presenters: 
  • Higher Education and Development: Policy Options and Practical Dissonances 
  • Technology in Education: Effects of Utilization of Mobile Phones on Students’ Academic and Social Life 
  • Education for Sustainable Development 
  • 180 Degree turns: Character Development in Education 
  • The Role of Project and Group Work in Teaching and Assessing Large Classes 
  • Achieving School Effectiveness through Stakeholder Participation in School Management 
  • An Understanding of How Student Involvement in School management Contribute to Student Character Development 
  • School Management and Gender 
  • Revisiting Quality Teacher Education for 21st Century Classrooms 
  • Purposes of Higher/University Education 
  • The Learning Crisis: Education for All Vs Learning For All 
  • Rights-based Education Vs Market-based Education