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The International Open University Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academics) Prof. Muhammad Ahsan participated as keynote speaker at the first international conference “Emerging Trends in Arts and Humanities” hosted by the University of Punjab from June 15 to 16, 2021.

The virtual conference invited renowned academics, teachers and experts belonging to different disciplines in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities in order to discuss and debate common contemporary concerns, challenges and trends in diverse academic spaces.

Prof. Muhammad Ahsan’s keynote address was on the topic “British Pakistani Diaspora in the UK: Linking and De-linking with its roots” under the aegis of a panel on “Religion, Faith, Culture and Power in South Asia”.

The conference aimed to highlight the University’s tradition of scholarly engagement and social responsibility, besides showcasing the significance of Arts and Humanities as a disciplinary domain that plays a crucial role in shaping inter and intra-community dialog.

No doubt, education is the key to human development and this conference was also a good opportunity to highlight the contributions of IOU to promote education among the Ummah across the globe.