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IOUCRIS 2021 Day 2: Room 1


 IOUCRIS 2021 Day 2: Concurrent sessions were hosted in different rooms.

Room 1

Track: Arabic Language and Literature

  • Empowering Arabic Language teaching for non-Arabic speaking students
  • The Impact of Linguistics on The Rules of Interpretation
  • The Correlation Compound Odes Collection, An Applied Grammatical Semantic Study In Omission In Antara Bin Shaddad and Tarafa Bin Al-Abd
  • The Irony of Abu Hayyan Al-Tawhidi
  • Verbs: Their Structures and Meanings in Surat Al-Najm
  • The Grammatical and Morphological Directions that Shamesuddeen Al- Kirmani singled out/only stated in his book, Al-Kawakeb Al-Darary fi Sharh Sahih Al-Bukhari
  • Challenges of Learning Arabic in an Online Environment for Non-Native Speakers:A Comparative Study of the Students of IOU and Other Online Programs

Track: Islamic Economics and Banking

  1. Optimizing Waqf to Attain Social Development in Oman
  2. Risk Management in terms of Islamic Banking Institutions