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IOUCRIS 2021 Day 2: Room 2


Track: Business Administration

  • Scarcity of Talent: An Islamic Appraisal
  • CSR in Healthcare by the Banking Sector: The case of Bangladesh
  • Analyses of the management of waqf and zakat funds during the corona virus induced lockdowns: Lessons and recommendations for Zimbabwean based organizations
  • A newly developed continuous improvement model of TQM, its implementation and challenges.
  • Customer Relationship Management Case of Study: Bank 'SociétéGénérale Guinée'.
  • Exploring The Perception of EmployeesTowards Sources of Financing for SMEs in Algeria:The Case of The National Agency of Management for Micro-Credit in Algeria (ANGEM)

Track: Education

  • The transition from Madrassa to conventional: a case study of The Gambia education system
  • Integrating Islamic Studies and Terminologies in Conventional Education Curriculum Design: A Comparative Study of IOU and Bangladeshi Tertiary Level Education System
  • Challenges of Learning Arabic in an OnlineEnvironment for-native Speakers:A Comparative Study of the Students of IOU and Other Online Programs
  • Evaluating the Impact of Meta-Cognitive Learning in Traditional Classrooms through Web-based Interfaces
  • Sustainable Education and Islamic Communities: Analyzing Curriculum Gaps at The University Level