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The arrival of each month of Ramadan gives each and every Muslim another opportunity to receive Allah’s mercy, blessings and forgiveness.  To fast, pray, give charity and perform acts of worship.

Forgiveness is one of the most important things we should strive for during this blessed month.

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O son of Adam, so long as you call upon Me and ask of Me, I shall forgive you for what you have done, and I shall not mind.   O son of Adam, were your sins to reach the clouds of the sky and were you then to ask forgiveness of Me, I would forgive you. O son of Adam, were you to come to Me with sins nearly as great as the earth and were you then to face Me, ascribing no partner to Me, I would bring you forgiveness nearly as great as it.”

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In a Hadith Qudsi, Allah says:

So many of us have already begun preparing ourselves spiritually by asking Allah, our friends and our loved ones, to forgive us for any wrongs we have done to them intentionally or unintentionally.

As Allah Glorified and Exalted instructed,

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…And turn to Allah in repentance, all of you, O believers, that you might succeed.”

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– Al Noor (24):31

But did you know that forgiveness is just the first step?

We must also turn away from our old habits, replace our bad deeds with good, and work to reconcile and re-establish meaningful relationships with those who Allah has placed in our lives.

The bridge between forgiveness and reconciliation is Mercy.  Just as Allah is Ar Rahman we should also be merciful, because our mercy to others is an act of worship.  It is shown through our humility, tolerance and easiness with kin and others.

We must put in the time and effort to rebuild trust, with patience love and understanding, push past the discomfort and awkwardness that comes after forgiveness, and reconcile with our loved ones in order to have meaningful relationships.

This was explained by the Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) when he said:

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“The one who maintains a relationship with his relatives only because they maintain a relationship with him is not truly upholding the ties of kinship. The one who truly upholds those ties is the one who does so even if they break off the relationship.”

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Reported by al-Bukhaari, 5645).

Prophet (SAW) also said:

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Do you know what is better than charity and fasting and prayer? It is keeping peace and good relations between people, as quarrels and bad feelings destroy mankind.”

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So are you ready for this challenge of reconciliation?

This Ramadan, IOU is giving you the opportunity to get the tools you need to build meaningful relationships with those you love!

You are invited to a life changing webinar:-

The Rebuilding of Relationships in Ramadan – Getting closer to Allah through Perfecting Relationships

19th May at 5pm UT

Speaker’s  Name – Dunia Shuaib

Speaker Bio

Dunia is a Psychoeducator, author, internationally renowned speaker, and host of Deen with Dunia. She has a passion for helping people, and continually strives to do so by providing high quality psychoeducation in a way that is easily accessible to the entire Ummah. She is on a mission to empower Muslims by integrating the teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah, as well as principles of psychology. Her efforts have given way to the development of tools, seminars, and the growth of a spiritually conscientious and inclusive environment for the community to support one another

Don’t miss this opportunity to heal your relationships and earn extra rewards!.
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