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Beginning with the Hajj 2013 Season, The International Open University (‘IOU’) – The Gambia, formerly known as Islamic Online University,  began offering services to help Muslims globally to offer their sacrifices for Eidul Adha in various countries around the world where Muslims are in need of the meat.

Many Muslims wish to avail the reward given by sacrificing for the “Festival of Feast” or “Eidul Adha” that comes during the Hajj season; however, they do not know where to go to sacrifice or lack a local facility to sacrifice for them. They also live far from other Muslims who would benefit by having the meat. For this reason, IOU began offering to those who are interested the chance to have their sacrifice made on their behalf in a needy Muslim country benefitting the Muslims there and truly sharing the spirit of Eid with Muslims globally.

For those interested, all that is needed is to complete the form and send it with the fees for the sacrifice to IOU indicating which country you wish your sacrifice to go to.

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