IOU Awareness Month

IOU Awareness Month Many people in our communities are not aware of the presence of the International Open University (IOU), where they can easily benefit from authentic Islamic knowledge from the comfort of their home. The month of awareness was instituted to do just that - increase the knowledge of IOU’s existence and activities in [...]


Latest Book from IOU Writing Theses and Academic Articles “Writing Theses and Academic Articles” is directed to graduate students and young academics who are willing to make a contribution to the scientific community. The book is both a practical guide for structuring and editing academic material and a reflection from the authors about the situation [...]

I want to join the Applied Psychology program. Where do I begin?

The International Open University is an online educational institution. The entire program is taught online via internet. Anyone from any part of the world can join easily and benefit from it, Insha Allah.Admission is open throughout the year. If a student is admitted and enrollment is closed, he/she will begin his/her studies the following semester.The […]

How do I take exams?

Module tests and midterm exams can be taken at home within the prescribed time. The final exams must be taken only in an IOU approved exam center. There are several designated IOU centers present across the globe. You may look for a center near you before the exams begin and register for it. If there […]