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Live Events

Live Events

The University is continuing to work to provide student engagement through virtual experiences. We believe that student engagement is an intricate part of the student experience especially during this time. Hence, Live Events and Webinars are conducted on various themes to provide the best virtual experience to the students.

This page provides details regarding past and upcoming live events conducted by the University.

Commencing Your Studies

Open Q&A Session (Sep 9, 2022)
Speaker: Student Information & Support Center (SISC) Supervisor

8th Convocation Ceremony

IOU Graduation Ceremony – Kenya (Mar 19, 2022)

Fall 2021

Excelling Your Midterm Exams (Oct 31, 2021)
Speaker: Sayema Zulfiqar, IOU’s Student Counsellor

Workshop on Online Education, Academic Writing and Publication

How to write Assignments and Thesis
(18th October 2021)

Speaker: Dr. Francesca

Time Management, Self Accountability and Tips for Maximum Productivity (19th October 2021)
Speaker: Yasmin Toor

How to Publish your Work?
(20th October 2021)

Speaker: Dr. Afroza

Adjusting to Online Studies

How to Study Online? (Oct 8, 2021)

Time Management & Focus (Oct 9, 2021)

Live Q&A Session (Oct 10, 2021)

How to prepare a research proposal’ (26 September 2021)

Speaker: Dr. Professor Iftekhar Ahmad Baig

The Art of Intentional Learning in Digital Distractions (Sep 25, 2021)

Speaker: Sayema Zulfiqar, IOU’s Student Counsellor

Head of the Departments Addressing Fall 2021 Students (Sept 2021)

Education, Dr. Iftekhar
Islamic Finance and Economics, Dr. Nissar Yatoo
Arabic Language and Linguistics, Dr. Ebrahim
Psychology, Dr. Fransesca
Business Administration, Dr. Shafiq
Information Technology, Dr. Adnan
Islamic Studies, Dr. Salama

Orientation Fall 2021 (4 Sept 2021)


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