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Tadabbur al-Qur’aan

Tadabbur al-Qur’aan

Understand the Quran in Arabic, strengthen your ‎relationship with it, and increase your love of Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala, fear of Him and hope ‎from Him!‎

Word By Word Quran Tafsir of Surah ‘aal ‘imraan (the family of ‘imraan) & Excerpts from Tafsir of Sheikh Saadi ‎and Sheikh al-Uthaymeen ‎رحمهما الله‎

Taught by: Br. Abu Abdur Rahmaan


What is the course all about?
  • Word by Word translation of Surah ‘Aal ‘Imraan (the family of ‘Imraan), so you build vocabulary, understand and practice the grammar constructs,
  • Practical understanding, lessons, and gems behind verses, to live a healthy, happy, peaceful, productive and blessed life leading to Jannah inshaAllah,
  • Arabic Grammar concepts would be taught on an ongoing bases to help in understanding Qur’aan.

Our goal is to have a weekly class, where we study the book of Allah, and walk away with;

  • The pleasure of Allah and be among his best people by obeying him and being the people of Qur’aan
  • Training ourselves to understand the Qur’aan (at least at a basic level) directly without translation
  • Start building and understanding the Arabic grammar concepts one at a time, to help in understanding Qur’aan and memorizing it.
  • Increase in our love, fear and hope of Allaah SWT
  • learn beneficial lessons to be successful in all sense and apply it
Who is this course for?
  • You want to understand the book of Allah in Arabic, you can read the Arabic, (i.e. pronounce letters, but do not understand them)
  • You want to reflect and ponder over the Qur’aan and have some time locked out to do it in an organized manner every week
  • You understand Arabic grammar / you can speak Arabic but still do not understand and see the gems to be successful and happy in life
  • You have memorized Qur’aan or are working on memorizing Qur’aan but do not understand it, this can help you in making the process of memorizing and retention easier and much more enjoyable, I seriously think every haafidh or the one becoming a haafidh who has reached the age of maturity should definitely make this or something similar part of his studies.

Course investment: US $30 only

Study Material: Exclusive study material will be given to the students for both Surah ‘aal ‘imraan and Juzz ‘amma, in shaa Allaah

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