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​Diploma courses in collaboration with Nana Aisha College, Nigeria

The Islamic Online University (IOU) recently signed an agreement with Nana Aisha (R.A) College (NAC), Sokoto, Nigeria to offer diploma courses of IOU’s open campus offline.

The program will be structured as a one-year long, two-semester program with 12 courses being offered in each semester. The full program will consist of 24 courses in all.

The tests and exams of the entire program will be available in IOU’s open campus all year round and will be conducted online. After successful completion, students who score 80% and above in 24 courses will be issued a certificate by IOU.

As part of the agreement, NAC has undertaken to:

  • Set up computers and make a stable internet connection available for all the students at the center

  • Ensure academic transparency so that there is no misconduct or plagiarism

  • Appoint lecturers for on-site lectures at the center