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Eid al Adha Sacrifice with IOU 

For several years now, IOU has been able to bring joy and happiness to those who are not as fortunate through your help and sacrifice.  

So many of our Brothers and Sisters have suffered a loss of wealth and health during this Pandemic. Be encouraged, and share your blessings. 

Send in your donations early and be among the first to reach some of the most impoverished communities. For each sacrifice, a minimum of 6 people will benefit who may otherwise not have this blessing.

So make haste and give quickly, because we are encouraged to compete in good deeds!

“Every one pursues his goal. Compete with each other in performing good deeds. Wherever you are, God will bring you all together. God has power over all things.” (2:148)

All you need to do is complete this form (click) and send it with the fees for the sacrifice to IOU, indicating which country you wish your sacrifice to go.

May we all have a blessed Festival of Feasts filled with the gift of Allah’s patience, for there is no greater gift one can receive.