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At the time of the advent of Islam, injustice, oppression, and destruction were glooming in every part of the world from East to West. In the Arabian Peninsula, the situation was even worse because there was no central government trying to maintain peace and justice even for the namesake. There was only one rule of law—might is right.

At that time, the Noble Prophet (peace be upon him) united the warring tribes and clans of Arabia into a single nation. In just ten years, the Noble Prophet (peace be upon him) established an administrative system and a society the likeness of which cannot be found!

From complete lawlessness, divinely guided laws and morality dominated the field of administration in its entirety. Taqwa became an essential ingredient in the political atmosphere ensuring complete justice for every single individual.

The entire Arabian Peninsula was changed from a tribal society to a society based on religious brotherhood which ultimately transcended geographical boundaries, racial, and linguistic differences.

Just think about it, isn’t all this worth learning ourselves and teaching it to our younger generations? Come and join us as we dive into exploring the administrative system of the greatest administrator the world has ever seen!

What Will You Learn: 

  • Understanding of the pre-Islamic political and social institutions in the Arabian Peninsula.
  • A comprehensive introduction to the administrative system implemented by the Noble Prophet (peace be upon him).

Unique Features of the Course:

High-quality mapsgraphics, and illustrations will help you to understand the course materials seamlessly and effectively, inshaAllah.

Who is this course for?

This course is for everyone from any walk of life who has an interest in Islam, and particularly anyone who is curious to learn more about this fascinating chapter of human history. From an adolescent to an adult learner, this course has interesting learning material for people of every age and place.

This course includes: 

  • Full HD videos.
  • Full lifetime access.
  • Certificate of Completion.
  • And a friend to consult with for the rest of the life! InshaAllah 

Still not convinced about enrolling in the course? Well, guess what? Module 1 (Pre-Islamic Arabia) is available for free viewing! Do check it out below.


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The full course will be available in 4 months’ time. in sha Allah. One module will be released every two weeks in sha Allah.

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