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IOU academic staff Tutor Training Course by Continuous Learning Development Institute


The International Open University's (IOU) Teaching and Learning Directorate recently hosted a CPD recognized Tutor Training course open to all IOU academic staff to facilitate academic growth and development. The course was provided by the UK-based Continuous Learning Development (CLD) Institute and was delivered over 5 weeks in an interactive workshop-based format.

The Continuous Learning Development (CLD) institute is a UK-registered provider and a CPD accredited institute launched in 2019 by IOU Sr. Lecturer (Psy.) Shaykhah Shafalia Younis, providing free Islamic courses for those unable to afford university-accredited study. The institute offers a wide range of courses devised by Sh. Shafalia Younis herself, drawing on her expertise as an academic lecturer and based on her journey of acquiring and imparting Islamic knowledge and education spanning over 18 years.

The Tutor Training course was developed in line with the UK's Level 5 teacher training course that was adapted and launched with an Islamic perspective. The course was particularly beneficial to academic staff as it incorporated the main components of teaching:

  • providing clearer guidelines to tutors in planning
  •  delivering/coaching
  •  assessing
  • evaluating whilst embedding Islamic principles and perspectives within the content

The Continuous Learning Development Institute has many other beneficial courses available on their website for free download for the benefit of the Ummah as waqf.