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Dr Cherno Omar Barry addresses IOUCRIS, 2022 opening session


The IOU President, Dr Cherno Omar Barry, commended the participants and organizers of IOUCRIS 2022 and expressed his support and encouragement of scholarly activities and opportunities.

Distinguished researchers, academics, students, brothers and
sisters, Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Alhamdulillah. It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you all to
the 2nd IOU Conference on Research and Integrated Sciences
(IOUCRIS) 2022. This conference has been organized by the
Department of Business Administration of IOU. Insha’Allah, I am
confident, other departments will join this endeavor by organizing similar conferences in due course of time.

This conference has drawn the attention of scholars from all over the world and I am very pleased to know that approximately 100 papers will be presented out of 118 papers submitted to the conference. In addition to the paper presentations, the conference will also run a keynote session.
The IOU combines quality with morality at an affordable cost. The IOU is a truly international academic institution that has academics and students from all over the world. At the IOU, students can study at their own pace, and gain knowledge and qualifications that strengthen their employability skills. It is a fact that a significant number of our students get immediate employment after their graduation. Besides teaching, this university is committed to research excellence by doing research, providing research training, and publishing scholarly journals. The 2nd IOUCRIS 2022 is
another evidence of our commitment towards research excellence.

I pray for the success of this conference and hope everyone will be benefited from the knowledge and experience gained by participating in this great event. I commend the organizers and I thank all those who have contributed to guarantee the success of the event. May Allah bless you all.
Dr. Cherno Omar Barry
Vice Chancellor, International Open University, The Gambia