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Dr Muhammad Ashraf Petersen awarded PhD from the Islamic University of Madinah


International Open University Senior Lecturer Dr Muhammad Ashraf Petersen recently became the first South African to complete a Ph D degree with the Islamic University of Madinah from the Department of Fiqh (Jurisprudence) in the Faculty of Shariah (Islamic Law).

The title of his dissertation is: "The Exceptions to the Jurisprudence Rules in Acts of Worship according to the Shaafi’ee school, from the beginning of the Chapter of Tayammum to the end of the Chapter of Manner of Praying." 

Dr Muhammad Ashraf specializes in Comparative Fiqh and comes from Cape Town, South Africa. He completed his schooling in South Africa and traveled to various countries in his quest for knowledge. His qualifications include a diploma in Arabic from Libya,  secondary education from Al-Azhar, and an Arabic diploma, BA, MA and Ph D from the Islamic University of Madinah.