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> Secrets to Dealing With Difficult People

Secrets to Dealing With Difficult People

Secrets to Dealing With Difficult People

Have you ever had to deal with a difficult person in your life whom made you feel really bad or even cry? I feel that we all have. Difficult people exist everywhere, from our own homes, to our jobs, to our classmates, neighbors, teachers, and customers we have to daily deal with. As patient as we may be, these people can push our buttons to where sometimes we may want to explode!

However, as believers we know that we cannot blow up or get affected by these people. We know that we must be able to keep our cool at all times insha’Allaah, as that is what the Prophet (Sallahi Alihee Wa Sallam) taught us!

When we are being tested I have learned the best things to say are many one of my favorite sayings is…..Qaddar Allahu masha’a fa’ala.”- “Allaah has decreed and He does what He wills.” [Sahih Muslim]

Some of the different types of difficult personalities we will discuss are:
  • The Rulers: These people will get their way by bullying and intimidating others. They’re constantly demanding and very critical.
  • The Complainers: These people would rather complain about everything than to find the answers for it.
  • Those Who Agree to Everything These people have good hearts, and agree to any commitment. However, they can barely deliver when the time arrives for they are over committed.
  • Those Who Are Inflexible;These people will always find the negative of a situation and why it cannot work.
  • The Quiet Ones: These people just go for the ride. They don’t say much either way.
  • Those Who Act Like They Know-It-All: These are one of the hardest groups to talk with. They are usually arrogant. Most of these people have an opinion about everything.
What you will get out of this series is:
  • Live Lecture
  • Exercises to do
  • Questions and Answer Session
  • Two E-books for FREE! “Imagine that Today is Your Last Day, $14.95 Value” as well as the Quote E-book on “Adversity”
  • How to deal with people of biddah (bonus class)
  • How to deal with difficult children (bonus class)
  • One more E-book for free “Speaking Skills Every Muslim Must Know.”

Anger is a BIG part of what we face when dealing with difficult people. We will discuss what it does to our bodies, and how we can get rid of it insha’Allaah.

There will be one class each month consisting of 3 hours. It will start with lecture then exercises to do, and lastly answering question.

Class 1 – The first thing we must always remember when dealing with difficult people! This step alone will inshAllaah be one of the easiest and best strategies to help you get through!
Class 2 – How to give them 50 excuses for their behavior. Why would they do that, let’s learn and understand!
Class 3 – How to stop and reflect about the situation. When is the best time to think about it all and learn from it.
Class 4 – Win them over with having good character, words and habits! Work on you with 5 daily strategies!
Class 5 – How to forgive others and let it go. The key to moving forward!
Class 6 – Keep your distance!How to keep only the righteous around you, and keep those who are harmful away from you!

Each class is specifically designed to be according to the teachings of the Qur’aan and Sunnah insha’Allaah. The goal is by the end of the class to not only enlighten you, but give you the tools to change and keep changing insha’Allaah.

Note: Recording will be provided to the students
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