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Muhammad Nubee is an American-born citizen who reverted to Islam in 1976. Brother Muhammad is a lecturer, motivational speaker and life coach. Upon his reversion, he became actively involved in dawah by volunteering in the prisons to teach Islam to prison inmates. He eventually became one of the first full-time Islamic Prison Chaplains in the United States. In addition, he served as Imam of a local mosque in the US for several years as well as served on mosque and Muslim school Boards of Directors.

In 2001, Muhammad moved his family to the United Arab Emirates. While in the Emirates, he became actively involved in Islamic learning programs, lecturing in various dawah centers, giving the Friday sermons to English speaking congregations and hosting an Islamic program on Sharjah TV. Most notably, in 2006 brother Muhammad co-founded Muslim Life Coaching and in 2009 developed and delivered a course on Islamic Management in Doha, Qatar, that is now an online course for the Islamic Online University.

In addition to active involvement in Islamic projects and activities, he also held professional positions in US governmental agencies as well as several US Fortune 500 companies. Currently, he is Principal of Al Resalah International School of ScienceSharjah and CEO of Orange Education and Management Training, Dubai.

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