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Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies (BAIS)

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TAJ 100
TAJ 101
Tajweed INone
AQD 101Aqeedah I (Ibaadah)None
FQH 101Fiqh I (Math’habs) None
ARB 100
ARB 101
Arabic I (Reading & Writing)
Arabic I (Grammar I)
CMP 101Computer Studies None
ETH 101Etiquettes of Seeking Knowledge None
TAJ 102Tajweed II Tajweed 101
AQD 102Aqeedah II (Asmaa & Sifaat) None
FQH 102Fiqh II (Ibaadaat)  None
ARB 102Arabic II (Grammar II)Arabic 101 
SER 101Seerah I (Prophetic Biography)  None
ENG 102English II  None
TAF 101Tafseer I: Uloom al-Quraan None
AQD 201Aqeedah III (Tahaawiyyah) None
FQH 201Fiqh III (Mu’aamalaat I) None
HAD 101Hadeeth I: Terminology None
SER 102Seerah II (Prophetic Biography) Seerah 101
ARB 201Arabic III (Grammar III) Arabic 102
RMY 101Research Methodology None
AQD 202Aqeedah IV (Heresiology) None
FQH 202Fiqh IV (Mu’aamalaat II) None
HAD 102Hadeeth II (The Best of Islam) None
PSY 101Islamic Psychology None
ARB 202Arabic IV (Grammar IV) Arabic 201
TAF 201Tafseer II (Soorah Yaaseen)  None
AQD 301Aqeedah V (Comparative I)  None
FQH 301Fiqh V (Usool al-Fiqh)  None
BSA 101Islamic Management  None
DHD 101Da’wah & Du’aat   None
ARB 301Arabic V (Grammar V)  Arabic 202
TAF 202Tafseer III (Soorah al-Kahf)None 
AQD 302Aqeedah VI (Comparative II) None
FQH 302Fiqh VI (Inheritance) None
HAD 201Hadeeth III (The Best of Islam) Hadeeth 102
PSY 102Islamic Counselling  None
ARB 302Arabic VI (Grammar VI) Arabic 301
HST 101Islamic History I None
AQD 401Aqeedah VII (Angels, Jinn & Humans) None
FQH 401Fiqh VII (Criminal Law) None
ECM 101Islamic Economics I None
ARB 401Arabic VII (Grammar VII) Arabic 302
DHD 102Contemporary  Da’wah Movements None
HST 102Islamic History II Islamic History 101
FQH 402Fiqh VIII (Maxims & Maqaasid) 
EDU 103Subject Knowledge (Pedagogy) 
CVN 101Islamic Civilization 101 
ARB 402Arabic VIII (Grammar VIII)  Arabic 401
THS  400BA Thesis

 - Research Methodology 101

- Completion of 42 courses

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