1 Million Scholarships Project for Africans

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Who we are

The 1 Million Scholarship for Africa Project is a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of International Open University to manage the University’s scholarship project in Africa. We provide educational support to orphans, poor and needy but students in Africa and beyond to obtain a university degree with International Open University. Our project enables these students to advance in their education career, and become positive agents of change in their communities. This is our way of giving back to society.

Our values

IOU as a “Center of Excellence” is committed to achieving SDG1 NO HUNGER alongside the other goals by building the capacity of Youths in Africa who are the leaders of tomorrow. The Goal of the Project is to give 1 Million Scholarships for African Youths by 2030.

The question we ask is ‘if education is the center to poverty eradication, “why should education only be available for those who can afford it?” We believe millions and millions of people will be stuck and left with no education because of poverty.
They will suffer, struggle and live a difficult life. Their children will fall in the same cycle and go through the same struggles as their parents did. But WE can put an end to this!

AT IOU we believe that by providing free education for youth in Africa and around the world and mentoring them we can break the cycle of poverty, empower people to seek knowledge and support them and their families and thereby contribute to ending poverty among the 836 million people still living in extreme poverty

Our Mission

We provide comprehensive support and education to orphaned, needy but brilliant students so that they may become compassionate citizens of the world who have the determination and ability to contribute to the betterment of humankind.

Our Vision

Seek to provide Leadership, Research and Employable Skills to 1 million youths in Africa by 2030 youth towards eradication of poverty in Africa.

With the advancement in technology, we envision a world in which

  • Every orphan, poor and needy but brilliant child has equal access to higher education.
  • Every orphan, poor and needy but brilliant child is empowered to change his/her life and the nation through education.
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