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The classes for this course will take place every Saturday at 8:00 PM Qatar Time.

Session 1Orientation:
Understanding Fatn
Session 2The Despicable Matters
Session 3The Troublemakers
Session 4The Effects of Sinning in Public
Session 5The Appearance of Tribulations
Session 6Does it get worse?
Session 7Harming the Good
Session 8Causing Evil and Destruction
Session 9Calmness in Tribulation
Session 10The Fight between Tow Muslim
Session 11The Absence of Jamau’ah
Session 12- Support what?
Session 13The Hathalat of the People
Session 141.The Society and Fitn
2.Withdrawal from the Society
Session 15Seeking Refuge from Fitn
Session 16Fitn and the Mashriq
Session 17The Spread of Fitn
Session 18The Descent of Trials
Session 19Hassan radiyAllahu anhu establishes Peace
Session 20The Speech of Betterment
Session 21When the trial gets severe
Session 22The Change Begins
Session 23The Appearence of Naar
Session 24Ad-Dajjal
Session 25Dajjal and the city of Madina
Session 26Ya’juj and Ma’juj
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