Associate of Arts in Education (AEd)

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The Associate of Arts in Education (AEd) is a two-year program that introduces students to the basic principles in the field of education. Being a teacher is a very honorable and memorable position. It is a position that may influence and shape a person’s future. Islam has paid considerable attention to teachers because they are the first brick in the structure of social development. They are the cause of guiding people behavior development and helping to shape the minds of individuals and communities. They are among the most beneficial people in society and thus among the best of people.

Hence, it is very important for a teacher to follow true Islamic teachings and understand them according to the correct teachings of our beloved Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him.

In general, a person who wants to understand and act upon his religion while being an educator needs to do two separate studies; one in education and another in Islamic studies. The International Open University (IOU) offers an incredible opportunity to join these; gain knowledge in education while being taught Islamic teachings.

This program can later be applied toward IOU’s bachelor’s degree in education.

Whether you want to homeschool or teach at kindergartens and schools, IOU is your source of authentic knowledge and a quality education.


Applying to International Open University

The current program is presently not available.
We are in the process of improving this program and will open the admissions once it has been finalized.