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Bachelor of Arts in Arabic Language and Linguistics is a 4-year program prepared by more than fifty professors and experts of the Arabic language who teach Arabic to non-Arabic speaking students. This program is based on courses that are taught at the Imam Muhammad bin Saud University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The International Open University presents an outstanding program designed to teach students the classical Arabic language in an easy manner, coupled with the usage of words and phrases that are part of daily life.

Subsequently, the student of the authentic Arabic language will gain knowledge of the grammatical rules of the Arabic language and vocabulary.

Among the goals of the program is to enable students to fulfill their religious duties and become the bearers of the torch of the language of the Quran.

Studying Arabic will lead to many openings for the graduates of the Arabic language in fields such as journalism, business and industry, education, finance and banking, translation and interpretation, consulting, foreign service and intelligence, as well as many others.

Program Objective

 the development of the students’ communication skills and business decision-making capabilities with ethical reasoning.

Admission Eligibility Criteria

HSC (10+ 2) or equivalent


Teaching, Commerce and Trade, Entrepreneurship

Course Overview

ARW 101القراءة والكتابة والاسْتماع والتعبير- ألفReading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking – Part A
ARQ 101
دروسٌ من القرآن الكريم١
Lessons of the Noble Quran 1
ARB 101
كتاب المدينة ١
Al Madinah – Part 1
ARG 101
Arabic grammar 1
ETH 101 Etiquettes of Seeking Knowledge
EDU 103 Subject Knowledge (Pedagogy)
ARW 102
القراءة والكتابة والاسْتماعُ والتعبير-باء
Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking – Part B
ARQ 102
دروس من القرآن الكريم ٢
Lessons of the Noble Quran 2
ARB 102
كتاب المدينة ٢
Al Madinah Part 2
ARG 102
النحو ٢
Arabic grammar 2
AQD 101 Aqeedah 101
EDU 104 Classroom Management
ARW 201
القراءةوالكتابةوالاسْتماعوالتعبير- تاء
Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking – Part C
ARQ 201
دروس من القرآن٣
Lessons of the Noble Quran 3
ARG 201
النحو ٣
Arabic Grammar 3
ARB 201
كتاب المدينة ٣
Al Madinah Part 3
TAJ 100
TAJ 101

Tajweed I
EDU 105 Professional Development (EDU 105)
ARW 202
القراءةوالكتابةوالاسْتماعوالتعبير- ثاء
Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking – Part D
HAD 204
الحديث النبوي الشريف
ARG 202
النحو ٤
Arabic grammar 4
ARB 202
كتاب المدينة ٤
Al Madinah Part 4
TAJ 102
Tajweed II
EDU 106 Differentiated Instruction
ALT 301
أدبٌ جاهِليٌّ وإسلامي
Pre-Islam and Islamic Literature
ARB 301
كتاب المدينة ٥
Al Madinah Part 5
ARB 402
(دروسٌ من القرآن الكريم (جُزْءُ عَمَّ
Lessons from Noble Qur’an (Juz ‘Amma) (ARB402)
ARG 301
نحو ٥
Arabic grammar 5
BSA 102 OrganisationalBehaviour
CMP 101 Computer 101
ALT 302
أدبٌ أُموي وعبَّاسي
Islamic and Omawic literature
ARB 302
كتاب المدينة ٦
Al Madinah Part 6
ALG 301
علم اللغة
ARB BM 101
التحفة السنية ١
Arabic Grammar (AL TohfahAssanyyah 1)
EDU 302 Educational Technology (EDU 302)
ENG 101 English I
ALT 401
أدبٌ أندلُسي وعُثماني وأدب حديث
Andalusian, Osmanli and Modern Literature
ARB 403
كتاب المدينة ٧
Al Madinah Part 7
ARB BM 102
التحفة السَّنية ٢
Arabic grammar (AL tohfah Assanyyah2)
ARB 401
Rhetoric (ARB 401)
RMY 101 Research Methodology 101
ENG 102 English II
ARB 404
كتاب المدينة ٨
Al Madinah Part 8
ARB BM 201
التحفة السنية ٣
Arabic Grammar (AL TohfahAssanyyah 3)
ARB 501
Morphology (Sarf) (ARB 501)
PSY 101 Islamic Psychology 101
BUS 101 Intro to Business (BUS 101)
THS 402
BA Thesis (completely in Arabic)

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