Policy Number

IOU Policy # ST/006/2016


The purpose of this policy is to define the rules and regulations concerning deferring graduation at the Islamic Online University.



Date of Approval

June 27, 2016.

Policy Statement

Eligible graduates of all the degree, diploma and certificate programs may defer graduation or may be obligated to defer graduation because of special circumstances.

An eligible graduate may apply to defer graduation. The Registrar’s Office will assess the application and approve or reject it based on the nature of the request. The reasons to be taken into consideration may include the following among other reasons:

  • Student wishing to take additional courses or repeat courses to improve grades

An eligible graduate may be obligated to defer graduation under particular circumstances described as follows.

  1. Advance Diploma falls under Open Education Program. The students of this stream of study may complete their high school diploma side by side their studies at the IOU. However, there must be a gap of minimum 2 years or 4 to 5 semesters between their high school diploma obtainment and receiving bachelor’s degree from the IOU.
  2. Furthermore, such students’ theses must be deferred to be completed in the very last semester when they are due to graduate.

The departments where this policy will be applicable are as follows:

  1. Department of Education
  2. Department of Psychology
  3. Department of Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance
  4. Department of Business Administration
  5. Department of Information Technology
  6. Department of Arabic Language and Linguistics
Benefits of the Policy
  1. This policy will provide the scope to the students to defer graduation if there is a need.
  2. This will allow the University to conform to the standard practices so that there is a reasonable difference between high school diploma obtainment and graduation from an undergraduate program.